Create Data Capture Content

Create Data Capture Content

May 22, 2024

Every digital marketer understands the importance of producing excellent content. But even if your content is creating a buzz and driving traffic, are you making the most of it? That's where data capture comes into play.

It's crucial to pinpoint your site's top-performing pages and optimize them—whether it's a product landing page or a popular blog post. Why let valuable traffic and high-quality backlinks go to waste when you could be converting them into leads?

In this blog, we'll talk about how to use data capture effectively on blogs. The insights shared can be applied to any high-traffic webpage to maximize your results.

What is Data Capture?

Data capture involves gathering information from visitors to your website or blog. The goal is to obtain their personal details in exchange for something valuable, so you can reach out to them later with relevant messages or content, ultimately turning them from prospects into customers.

With the decline of third-party cookies and the rise of new data privacy regulations, first-party and zero-party data have become more crucial than ever. Capturing data on your own platforms, like your website, can help you generate leads, filling the gap left by the loss of channels many companies previously depended on.

We're not aiming to sell to them; our goal is to engage and build a meaningful relationship.

Benefits of Data Capture

There’s a reason to use data capture on your blogs: it works! We've learned this through plenty of experimentation and testing.

So, what are the real benefits of using data capture, besides collecting personal information?

  • Adds Extra Value for Visitors: Everyone loves a bonus. If someone is reading a blog they’re interested in, they'll appreciate getting something related for free.

  • Reveals Audience Interests: If people aren't downloading the content you're offering, it might be time to rethink your blog content and data capture strategy.

  • Encourages Return Visits: A great experience on your site makes visitors more likely to come back.

  • Shows Expertise and Authority: Offering additional content shows you have deep knowledge of the topic and can provide extra value.

  • Advances Leads Through the Funnel: Once visitors share their personal information, they become leads.

  • Nurtures Prospects: With prospects in your funnel, you can nurture and retarget them with personalized messages based on their actions.

  • Improves Click-Through Rates: A clear call-to-action with a valuable offer can increase your click-through rate.

  • Boosts ROI: Collecting information shows interest, and conversions can help prove your blog’s ROI.

  • Easy to Test: If one asset isn’t working, try another!

  • Provides Insight Into Desired Content: You might be surprised by what people download, which can inform your future content.

Types of Data Content

While data capture content should be an integral part of your content marketing strategy, it’s often overlooked, especially on blogs.

The good news? This type of content is easy to create, particularly if you can repurpose content from your existing library.

What types of content work well for data capture?

  • Toolkits: Practical resources or guides, like a Social Media Interview Preparation Toolkit.

  • Templates: Pre-designed documents or spreadsheets that provide structure, such as a GA4 reporting template.

  • Ebooks: In-depth guides that offer advice, tips, and insights, like one focused on key social media platforms.

  • Frameworks or Models: Technical content presented in a readable and understandable way.

  • Checklists: Concise lists to check off steps in a process, like an Email Content and Copywriting Checklist.

  • Infographics: Visual representations of key information, making content easier to digest.

  • Tests: Engage users by asking them to fill in a test and provide their email to receive the results. Simple but effective. Check out the DMI’s digital skills test for an example.

  • Calendars: Fun, date-listed content like a 2024 Social Media Calendar.

  • Original Research: If you have unique research, don't give it away for free. Turn it into a report or whitepaper for data capture, like ‘DMI Insights: The Most Important Marketing Skills, Biggest Challenges, & the Impact of AI’.

  • Member or Sign-Up Access: Offer free resources or VIP access in exchange for a sign-up or membership.

Let’s look at some examples of different content types and layouts.

  1. Ebook - Jamie Oliver: Jamie Oliver's website offers a few recipes, but the main CTA encourages visitors to sign up to receive a book of recipes featured on his TV series. This is a great example of repurposing existing content that's already popular.

  2. Sign up - Neil Patel: On Neil Patel's blog homepage, there are two key data capture points. The first is a banner that directs you to a custom landing page with a form. The "Sign In" CTA encourages visitors to provide their details to access an SEO tool and other valuable resources.

    Best Tools for Data Capture

There are some excellent tools available to help you capture data on blogs. These tools will assist you in gathering leads and funneling them into your email database or retargeting campaigns:

  • Jotform: A free pop-up form generator for subscriptions, contact info, and feedback.

  • OptinMonster: Use pre-built templates for pop-ups, exit intent, geolocation targeting, and gamified wheels.

  • Unbounce: Create landing pages, pop-ups, sticky bars, A/B testing, and utilize AI optimization.

  • Omnisend: Utilize email templates, an automation library, and customer data to drive engagement and sales.

  • Klaviyo: Make the most of your data with email, SMS messages, mobile push notifications, and a review function.

  • Act-On: A marketing automation tool offering lead scoring, lead generation, and multichannel marketing for segmentation.

Content is a powerful tool for any marketer. Enroll in a certified Content Marketing course to master the basics of content marketing and research. You'll dive into key areas like storytelling and creativity, and learn how to create content for SEO, email, and social media. Start your journey today!

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Ready to 10X Your Investment?

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